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Paper Art

Competition rules


This competition is open to artists worldwide who are 18 years of age or older, including artists, art enthusiasts, teachers, and students from art schools and regular schools.


Requirements for Entries


1. Painting Size: Maximum size of 150cm×150cm (including the frame).

2. Sculpture: Sculptures will only participate in the selection and online exhibition (not the on-site exhibition), so there are no technique, material or size restrictions.

3. Regarding the theme: This competition does not have a specific theme. Any artwork related to figures is accepted, such as portraits, group portraits (with two or more people), nudity, etc. Animal portraits are not included.

4. All mediums are accepted.

5. Style: There are no style restrictions. Original figurative and realistic, hyperrealistic, and surrealistic styles, as well as contemporary art forms with innovative and exploratory characteristics, are all acceptable.



Preliminary works should be submitted in electronic image format, with each image being 3-5MB (resolution: 300dpi). Each participant can submit a maximum of 3 works.


Registration Fee

For adult artists, the registration fee is $25 USD for one entry, $35 USD for two entries, and $45 USD for three entries. Each person can submit a maximum of 3 works.


Registration and Payment

Please send submission to and pay the registration fee through "PayPal" to You can use the Paypal Button at the end of this page. After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email from the organizing committee's secretariat. The selected works will be presented on the Titian Portrait Competition website ( and all the registered works on Shengxinyu Art website ( dedicated page.


Judging Process and Announcement of Results

After the registration deadline, the selection process will be conducted in preliminary evaluation and the final evaluation. 


  1. Registration deadline: January 31, 2024.

  2. Preliminary evaluation period: February 1st-15th, 2024 (comprehensive evaluation and selection of the top 200 entries approximately).

  3. 3.Final evaluation period: February 15th-28th, 2024 (comprehensive evaluation of the top 100 entries, eligible to be invited for on-site exhibition. Non-participation does not affect the final evaluation).



Exhibition period: TBD, May 2024.

Exhibition venue: Forte di Monte Ricco, Italy

Transportation and insurance costs for participating in the exhibition in Italy are the responsibility of the exhibiting artists. Participation in the exhibition is voluntary. Works that do not participate in the exhibition can still be considered for awards.



This competition offers cash prizes, medals, and certificates. All participants who submit works will receive an exhibition certificate issued by the competition organizing committee.

I. Top Award - Titian Art Prize ($5000 USD).

II. Category Awards:

  1. Oil Painting: First Prize (1), Second Prize (2), Third Prize (3).

  2. Acrylic Painting: First Prize (1), Second Prize (2), Third Prize (3).

  3. Tempera: First Prize (1), Second Prize (2), Third Prize (3).

  4. Pastels: First Prize (1), Second Prize (2), Third Prize (3).

  5. Water Media (Watercolor, Gouache, Ink): First Prize (1), Second Prize (2), Third Prize (3).

  6. Drawing (Pencil, Charcoal, Pen): First Prize (1), Second Prize (2), Third Prize (3).

  7. Sculpture: First Prize (1), Second Prize (2), Third Prize (3).

  8. Mixed Media: First Prize (1), Second Prize (2), Third Prize (3).

  9. Young Talent: First Prize (1), Second Prize (2), Third Prize (3).

  10. Contemporary Innovation and Exploration: First Prize (1), Second Prize (2), Third Prize (3).


Intellectual Property Rights and Exhibition Management Responsibilities


  1. The copyrights and all other intellectual property rights of the artworks remain with the artists, and any inquiries related to such rights will be directed to the artists.

  2.  As the exhibition management, the competition organizers have the right to reproduce and/or duplicate the works and have the right to publicly disseminate and/or distribute such copies related to the exhibition for the purpose of promoting the sale of the artworks, for educational and public seminars, general marketing or promotional purposes, and other related activities.

  3. The exhibition management and/or its agents shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage to the entrusted works, whether caused by fire, breach, error, negligence, theft by carriers, packers, or other persons, whether employed by them or otherwise. The risk of all goods shall be borne by the artist owners, and the exhibition administrators and/or their agents exclude all liability to the maximum extent permitted by law. It is recommended that you insure your works against all risks.

  4. The exhibition management will make every effort to properly safeguard the exhibited works, but they shall not be held responsible for any loss, destruction, or damage to the exhibited works under any circumstances.

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